MACIMIDE Co-Director Prof. Melissa Siegel has taken part in a podcast episode discussing Migration and Development: linkages, causes, and consequences

Loksan Harley, host of the Migration and Diaspora Podcast discussed the topic of migration and development and how each affects the other with Prof. Melissa Siegel. In their discussion, they talked about how development affects migration (including the “migration hump”) and how migration affects development, including the most common misconceptions about those relationships. They also elaborated on how those misconceptions then translate into misguided policies and the effects of those policies. Finally, they addressed a bit of Melissa and UNU-MERIT’s fantastic work to create a variety of content on migration that speaks to a diversity of audiences – from scholars and policy-makers to the general public – including through Melissa’s excellent YouTube channel, where she shares useful explainer videos on different migration themes. For more information about the Migration and Diaspora Podcast and to listen to episode 17 with Melissa Siegel, click here