Macimide Co-Director Maarten Vink co-editor of Oxford Handbook of Citizenship

Maarten Vink co-editor of Oxford Handbook of Citizenship

MACIMIDE co-director prof. Maarten Vink is one of the co-editors of the Oxford Handbook of Citizenship, together with Ayelet Shachar, Rainer Bauboeck, and Irene Bloemraad. The book has recently been published by Oxford University Press.

The book brings together leading experts in law, philosophy, political science, economics, sociology, and geography to provide a multidisciplinary, comparative discussion of different dimensions of citizenship. It is the major reference work for those engaged with citizenship from a legal, political, and cultural perspective.

Maarten Vink is professor of political science at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. This academic year he will spend several months in Malmö, Sweden, where he has been appointed as Willy Brandt Guest Professor at the Malmö Institute for Studies of Migration, Diversity and Welfare (MIM) at Malmö University. There, he will collaborate with colleagues in Malmö on comparative analyses in the context of his ERC-project MiLifeStatus, present first research results and give a number of guest lectures.

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