Maastricht Working on Europe: This is London

On the 10th of April (20:00) Maastricht Working on Europe is organising the programme ‘This is London: despair, poverty and unfulfilled dreams’. In the book with the same name, the British-French journalist Ben Judah chronicles his journey through the migrant communities of London, showing us the transformation of his birthplace into a true migrant city. There are many lessons to draw from that transformation for the rest of Europe.

While Judah voted remain, he understands why so many people support Brexit. He believes that the EU’s freedom of movement causes many problems, and that the Union does not function in its current form.

In Judah’s ‘This is London’, we read the stories we would otherwise never hear. It is a tale of a city in all its diversity and divisions. Judah shows us the English capital through the eyes of its beggars, bankers, coppers, gangsters, sex workers and witch doctors. Is he right that this London is the future of all European capitals?

The evening will be English-spoken. More information can be found on Facebook or Eventbrite.

We would be delighted to invite you to attend this special programme. We would also like it if you could share this event with your (academic) network and peers, since we believe it could be quite interesting to them as well. 

In the same week, Judah will be speaking in De Balie in Amsterdam (April 8th) and in De Dependance in Rotterdam (April 9th).