Launch new IMISCOE website

Dear IMISCOE Community

We are happy and proud to announce that IMISCOE’s new website is now ONLINE. In the last few months the IMISCOE network office, the team of Designserver and Studio Parkers, the IMISCOE website working group and many others have worked on the development of a more dynamic and interactive website. After many consultations and brainstorms, we are now presenting the result, which we are condident will provide you with many interesting news, events and other items and features.

The new IMISCOE homepage shows the IMISCOE community, by representing all its institutes via a symbolic skyline. The main news from the network and its members is found on the homepage. New is the IMISCOE Bulletin, which is a dissemination channel collecting and sharing knowledge produced by IMISCOE member institutes.
Another new feature on the website is the Migration Podcasts, produced by Fiona Seiger and her team, which will produce new episodes with interesting topics and scholars  on a structural basis. The same goes for the PhD blogs that is now incorporated in the new website.  Go to for many more news, insights and content!

Lastly, we want to conclude with a special thanks to our team at Designserver: Marco Legemaate and René de Ree, for their excellent work in building and designing the new website in the last few months. And also a special thanks  to Ines Gall from Studio Parkers, who has mainly contributed to the new design of the website.

Migration Research Hub

Experts, publications, datasets and projects under one roof.

New is also the Migration Research Hub, which brings experts, publications, datasets and projects together one roof. The data and expert database are a wonderful contribution to the field of migration research, and we invite you all to visit the Hub and make your own profile!

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