Job vacancy: Statelessness Consultant, UNHCR, Brussels

Statelessness Consultant, UNHCR – United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Brussels, Belgium

The office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) is seeking a candidate for the following vacant position: A Statelessness Consultant, located in Brussels.

The UNHCR Regional Representation for Western Europe (RRWE) seeks a qualified Statelessness Consultant to monitor the statelessness determination and access to rights of stateless persons in Belgium.


Under the overall supervision of the Protection Unit for Belgium and Luxembourg in the UNHCR Regional Representation for Western Europe (RRWE), the Consultant will carry out the following activities:

  • Monitor and gather information to identify the current practices on statelessness determination and the granting of residence permits to stateless persons, with a view to assessing the developments since the publication of the 2012 UNHCR report “Mapping Statelessness in Belgium”;
  • Monitor the development and implementation of legislation and policy related to statelessness determination, analyse these and assess against relevant UNHCR guidelines;
  • Liaise with persons of concern and relevant stakeholders to follow the individual cases of stateless persons undergoing determination of their statelessness and/or the exercise of their rights;
  • Develop, based on new content and/or updating of existing material, a training module on statelessness in a Belgian context and relevant UNHCR guidelines to be organized for relevant stakeholders;
  • Regularly report on the monitoring and training activities;
  • Submit at the end of the consultancy, a brief report containing key findings and recommendations, aiming to inform UNHCR’s advocacy activities on statelessness.

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