IOM Call for Papers: Thematic articles reflecting how migration is cross-cutting throughout the 2030 agenda

Abstract submission deadline: 30 November 2016

In September 2015 the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda was adopted, and for the first time migration was included in mainstream global development policy. Migration is broadly mentioned throughout the 2030 Agenda, and as such IOM’s strategy on engagement in the 2030 Agenda is comprehensive. The SDGs codify much of IOM’s on-going work on migration and development, and the Organization intends to continue playing an integral role on numerous cross-cutting issues.

To properly communicate how IOM identifies migration in the 2030 Agenda to stakeholders and the wider public and to shed light on the complex challenges and opportunities which accompany the migration-related targets, IOM plans to launch a publication with thematic articles which showcase how different areas of migration are addressed in the SDGs.

The themes have been chosen according to the areas in which IOM is prominently involved programmatically and strategically, and with a view of approaching the 2030 Agenda in a way which is useful to countries that plan interventions for improving migration management and policy-making.

To this end, IOM is launching a call for papers to produce seven thematic articles reflecting how migration is cross-cutting throughout the 2030 Agenda to be published as part of its publication on Migration in the SDGs.  Articles must address the challenges and specific vulnerabilities of migrants within each thematic area, as well as the opportunities and solutions which the SDGs offer. We are also looking for an analysis of national or regional policies (if any) which aim at addressing migration in the SDGs. We ask that authors use corresponding SDG targets as basis for their articles and do not diverge substantially from this path.

Please read the full call here.