IOM CALL FOR CONSULTANTS: COVID-19 impacts on migration and migrants from a gender perspective

The Migration Research Division of the International Organization for Migration is looking for academic and applied researchers on gender and migration who would be interested to contribute to a one-year research project funded by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada on “The impacts of COVID-19 on migration and migrants from a gender perspective”. The objective of this research project is to explore and critically examine the short- and longer-term gender implications of COVID-19 impacts on migration and the well-being of migrants worldwide so as to inform policy and programmatic responses during and after the pandemic.

The project will start with a virtual inception workshop in June 2021 gathering leading academic and applied experts on the topic of gender and migration who will each author a thematic chapter for the research report, the main output of this project. The research report will be launched in March 2022 where some authors will present their chapters and engage in discussion with the audience.

The research report will consist of around 10 thematic chapters, analysing the different potential gendered implications from the COVID-19 impacts on migration and migrants. These thematic chapters will be guided by three main objectives:

  1. To highlight the short- and long-term impacts of COVID-19 on migration and migrants from a gender perspective and based on knowledge and emerging evidence;

  2. To highlight good/promising practices that have been implemented in different settings (e.g. governments, IOs, CSOs, migrants themselves);

  3. To propose policy and programmatic innovations that would improve outcomes (either to facilitate positive/constructive aspects or reduce negative aspects such as vulnerabilities, abuse, harm, etc).

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