Invitation from the Dutch Association for Migration Research (DAMR)

A special invitation from the Dutch Association for Migration Research (DAMR):

We would like to invite you to join Dutch Association for Migration Research (DAMR). DAMR is an inclusive international network of academic researchers with an interest in contributing to the development of migration research in the Netherlands. DAMR has the objective of increasing the scientific standing of migration research in the Netherlands by emphasizing interdisciplinary approaches to migration studies, theory formation and advancement based on empirical research. A specific objective of the association is to enable PhD candidates and young researchers to stimulate interaction and scientific discussion.

On our website (and below), you can find an overview of the Spring and Fall 2017 events as well as the PhD Events we sponsored. In 2018 too, we hope to be able to organize these events, bring together researchers from different fields and contribute to the migration debate in the Netherlands.

If you think that what we do is important, want to join us at events and support young researchers to find an independent venue to bring their voices forward, make sure that you become a DAMR member for 2018!

For more information on membership:

Please remember that your contribution is crucial as we have no third party funding for the events we are organizing. The membership fee is 30 Euro per year, with a discount tariff of 15 Euro per year for students and PhD candidates.

We look forward to seeing you soon in our next Spring Event which will take place during the International Migration Conference at Utrecht University.