IMISCOE Call for Book Proposals

Manuscripts invited on asylum in Europe, intra-EU mobility and new migration routes 

In addition to its open call for book proposals, IMISCOE is launching a Special Call inviting manuscripts that address themes that the IMISCOE Editorial Committee deems particularly relevant in the current context and which have received less attention in the IMISCOE series so far.

Call themes

The future of international protection

The current migration and refugee crisis in Europe has led to a fundamental challenge of existing approaches to asylum, a renewed politicization of asylum as well as a variety of practical challenges across a large range of fields. At the same time, the crisis also saw a variety of opportunities pointing at possible ways to address such challenges, such as the unprecedented level of voluntary engagement, while also shifting the attention to challenges (and solutions) on the international and global level. This call invites monographs and edited volumes to reflect on international protection in Europe, its future, and its meaning in a global context.

Intra-EU mobility in a populist Europe: new flows, new policies, new challenges

From a relatively uncontentious issue before the 2000s freedom of movement has moved to the centre of political contestations in recent years. This has been fueled by a considerable increase of intra-EU movements, notably from East to West, growing xenophobia as well as wider anti-EU sentiments, with the recent BREXIT vote being its so far most pronounced expression. This call invites monographs and edited volumes to reflect on the transformation of intra-EU mobility in a changing social, political and institutional environment.

New Migration Routes: South-South Migration and North-South Migration

European scholarship on migration has largely tended to focus on migration into Europe or within Europe. Lesser attention has been accorded, however, to the movement away from Europe. This call invites monographs and edited volumes that attend to these new movements that are either South-South, with an intermediary stop into Europe, or that take off from Europe into the new emerging economies or the global south for economic, family, study or other reasons. It thus invites proposals that address the ‘question of Europe’ in an ever-changing global geography, where the shifting significations of this continent have also enabled new ways of thinking about “progress” and “mobility“ that tend to challenge prevailing Eurocentric views.

The IMISCOE Series

Established to promote research emanating from the IMISCOE Research Network, the IMISCOE publication series has since become one of the main migration related publication series in Europe and beyond, with over 80 titles published since its launch in 2006. It presents empirical and theoretical scholarship addressing issues of international migration, integration and social cohesion in Europe. Authored by experts in the field, the works provide a rich reference source for researchers and other concerned parties.

The series is published under the editorial supervision of the IMISCOE Editorial Committee which includes leading scholars from all over Europe. The series is internationally peer reviewed which ensures that the book published in this series continue to present excellent academic standards and scholarly quality. Most of the books are available open access.

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