Global Development Institute podcast

In this special podcast, we are lucky to be joined by the editors of the newly published Routledge Handbook of Migration and Development, Tanja Bastia and Ronald Skeldon.

In this episode, they talk about their long-term collaboration in the fields of migration and development and their wish to build on long-standing research by bringing together established thinkers and new areas of research – an approach which has culminated in this handbook.

In addition to their own explanation of why this work is so timely and important, they are joined by four of the contributors to the handbook who give them insights into their particular areas of expertise and the chapters they contributed.

  • Loren B. Landau – The Informalisation of Migration Governance across Africa’s Urban Archipelagos (08:22)
  • Oliver Bakewell – Undocumented Migration and Development (14:15)
  • Gioconda Herrera – Care, Social Reproduction, and Migration (23:08)
  • MACIMIDE Co-Director Melissa Siegel – Migration and Health (32:38)

Listen to the podcast here.