Evidence-Based Policy Research Methods

‘Evidence-Based Policy Research Method Course’, organised by UNU-MERIT.

Application deadline: 15 December.

Policymaking is a complicated business. Decisions have to be made quickly or secretly, based on limited knowledge or expertise, while covering wide briefs and remaining in force for a number of years. The stakes are high, so preparation is essential. To answer these pressing needs, our Evidence-Based Policy Research Methods (EPRM) course aims to equip participants with the fundamental tools for designing and analysing evidence-based research.

EPRM trains participants in:

  • Translating policy issues into research questions
  • Analysing qualitative and / or quantitative data
  • Grasping the state-of-the-art in a particular field
  • Designing, writing and disseminating proposals for evidence-based research, either in the workplace or in a broader research environment

To ensure the development of a quality research proposal, participants receive continuous personal feedback by experienced in-house researchers and professors. Participants also have full access to a large selection of books, journals and databases available through Maastricht University Library.

Who should apply?

This programme is for working professionals who are keen to improve their research skills, but unable to leave their job for a longer period. The programme assumes participants will spend a significant amount of time on the course in parallel with their regular job. We target researchers from academic institutions and policymakers in either developing or developed countries who want to strengthen their research skills and output. EPRM can serve as capacity building for staff in universities, research units within businesses, NGOs, ministries, think tanks and international organisations. Two recent participants, for example, work at the WHO and the UNAMID peacekeeping mission in Darfur.

Essentially, the programme fills the gap between a Master’s degree and a research career or academic PhD education. After completion of this programme, participants are better equipped to engage in research activities or, indeed, to apply for a full PhD programme. Overall, our course covers research skills that transcend different disciplines, so all qualified participants are welcome. However, in order to guarantee specialised feedback by professors and researchers proposal writing, we recommend applicants to review ongoing research activities at our host Institute.

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