19/04/2017 MACIMIDE/MiLifeStatus Seminar: ‘Immigrants’ interest to become citizens: do laws and procedures matter?’ by Thomas Huddleston

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Date(s) - 19/04/17
4:00 pm - 5:30 pm



MACIMIDE/MiLifeStatus Seminar Series 2017/3: Immigrants’ interest to become citizens: do laws and procedures matter?

Presenter: Thomas Huddleston

Abstract: While recent studies in Europe point at the relation between citizenship policies and naturalisation rates among immigrants, little research has dealt with the link with immigrants’ interest and ability to apply. Naturalisation rates are the end of a process where laws and procedures can intervene at several steps along the way. While certain categories of immigrants are assumed to be inherently more interested in the benefits of citizenship, their interest and ability to apply may also be shaped by the laws and procedures in place. This paper analyses a unique data-set, the Immigrant Citizens Survey, which captures immigrants’ interest, application and naturalisation problems and rates in 13 cities in 6 European countries.

About the The MACIMIDE/MiLifeStatus seminar series:

The MACIMIDE/MiLifeStatus seminar series is part of the ERC-project ‘Migrant Life Course and Legal Status Transition’ led by prof. Maarten Vink (2016-2021) and is organised in cooperation with the Maastricht Center for Citizenship, Migration and Development.

For more information about the MiLifeStatus project, see: https://macimide.maastrichtuniversity.nl/milifestatus/