1 July: Workshop “Migrant Families Living Across National and Regional Borders”

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Date(s) - 01/07/15
All Day

Grote Gracht 80-82 (Soiron Building). Room: Attic


Migrant Families Living Across National and Regional Borders

Cross-border families where one or more family members migrate and leave other members in origin regions are a common and contemporary form of family in today’s globalized world. Quantitative, large-scale research on such families is recent with a fair number of surveys having been conducted in the late 2000’s and early 2010’s to systematically collect data on how the different members of cross-border or transnational families are faring in terms of their mental and physical well-being and material outcomes such as educational attainment of children or employment of adults. These data sets are new and unique in that they collect information about the migrant family member as well as on the people who have remained in the origin country. Each dataset focuses on one particular migratory flow: Mexico – US; Africa – Europe; internal Chinese migration; South-East Asian migration. No attempts have been made to date, to compare findings across continents. Such comparisons would enable a greater understanding of the driving forces behind the effects of migration on families by exploring questions such as: what aspects are generalizable across different contexts, and which contextual factors lead to different outcomes? This project creates a network of researchers and organizes a workshop in which researchers involved in the development and data collection of at least one of these datasets join forces in order to conduct cross-country comparative analyses. During the workshop the details of each dataset will be discussed and topics for comparative analyses will be identified. Such topics will comprise, but not be limited to: child outcomes/child experiences, transnational vs translocal family forms and prevalence, gendered outcomes, and issues pertaining to non-biological parental caregivers. The workshop also includes a session for the exploration of developing a joint funding application. After the workshop, teams of researchers will collaborate to produce publications.

This workshop brings together some of the leading scholars in the field of transnational families. We have invited 8 senior researchers from different institutes around the world (US, Hongkong, the UK, Spain and France), who have all confirmed their participation.

Participants: Prof dr. Valentina Mazzucato, Dr. Karlijn Haagsman, Kim Caarls, Dr. Victor Cebotari, Dr. Bilisuma Dito, Dr. Qiaobing Wu, Dr. Jenna Nobles, Dr. Rachel Bennett, Dr. Lucy Jordan, Prof Elspeth Graham, Prof. Katherine Donato, Dr. Sorana Toma, Dr. Amparo González Ferrer, Dr. Tatiana Eremenko, Prof. Elisabeth Kraus.

Contact: r.haagsman@maastrichtuniversity.nl.