E-Newsletter – European Web Site on Integration- 1 July 2015 / 71

European Web Site on Integration, E-Newsletter 1 July 2015 / 71

Public consultation on the EU Blue Card and the EU’s labour migration policies

A public consultation has been launched on the EU Blue Card and the EU’s labour migration policies. The aim of this consultation is to collect opinions on a range of issues related to economic migration with a view to contribute to the elaboration of a new European policy on legal migration and to the review of the so-called “Blue Card” Directive. You can contribute to the public consultation by filling out the online consultation form. The consultation is open until 21/08/2015. More information is available at a dedicated page on the website of the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Migration and Home Affairs.

 Upcoming Events
Greece: International Summer School “Cultures, Migrations, Borders”06/07/2015 08:45
(Plomari, Lesvos, Greece)
For the fourth year the Department of Social Anthropology and History of the University of the Aegean and the Institute of Migration and Ethnic Studies of the University of Amsterdam welcome applications for the Summer School ‘Cultures, Migrations, Borders’ that will take place on…
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Ireland: Launch of “Voices of young migrant men”

06/07/2015 10:00
(Wood Quay Venue, Dublin 2, Ireland)
This groundbreaking research project looks at the integration journey of young migrant men who were born outside the European Union and came of age in Ireland. It explores their journey in the community, at school, in employment and in engaging with public services; their stories of…
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International Conference on Female Migration

30/07/2015 00:00
(Maltepe University, İstanbul, Turkey)
The goal of the conference is to analyse and to explore causes, problems, difficulties, opportunities, prospects, achievements and outcomes for female immigrants and female labor migrants in host countries. This conference will bring together researchers from multiple disciplines (migration…
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Lithuanian Red Cross Summer Camp “Migration and Human Rights“

03/08/2015 10:10
(Kernaves Bajoryne, Kernave, Sirvintu district)
AIM: The Lithuanian Red Cross Summer Camp will gather students from Lithuania and Norway with an aim to improve their knowledge and understanding of the complex nature of contemporary migration. Lectures will be given by the prominent academics and professionals working in the field focusing on…
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 Latest News#MIPEX2015: full international results now availableThe international results of the 2015 edition of the Migrant Integration Policy Index are now available on its website . The website also includes a ‘ Play with the Data ‘ functionality, through which users can generate their own charts. A document summarising the key international findings is…
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Poland: Granting voting rights to foreigners is not possible without amending the Constitution

According to constitutional specialists, in the light of the article 62, paragraph 1 of the Polish Constitution, it is not possible to extend voting rights in local elections to third country nationals without amending this constitutional provision. Their opinion differs from the opinion…
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Malta: NGOS welcome ‘milestone’ integration policy

This article reports the launch of the first ever integration policy for Malta by the Ministry of Social Dialogue and Civil Liberties. The reaction to the framework of this policy was very positive by NGOs working in the field. The framework document is uploaded below and in the documents…
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New Tool for Local Governments on Migrant Entrepreneurship

The DELI Assessment Tool aims to assist local governments to make an inventory of local policies and practices in support of migrant entrepreneurship and to measure performance against a set of Management Standards. It has been produced in the framework of the Diversity in the Economy and Local…
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ECJ judgement on integration requirements for long-term residence

Member States may require third-country nationals with long-term resident status to pass a civic integration examination. However, the means of implementing that obligation must not jeopardise the achievement of the objectives pursued by the directive on long-term residents. This judgement is…
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Netherlands: Important changes to the Dutch Civic Integration Act

Due to significant changes in the Dutch Civic Integration Act over the past years, the legislation on integration has become difficult to follow and understand. A new labour market module has been added to the exam, the changes in the methods used to take the exam and recent juridisprudence.…
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 Integration Practices recently uploadedICP: Intercultural Competence Programme- Adapting Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes in the WorkplaceSOS Malta together with the Aditus Foundation carried out this project promote intercultural competencies throughout mainstream public service providers (health, social, education etc) and related stakeholders through the development of the first fully comprehensive course in intercultural…
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Italy, Spain, Romania: AGREE – Agricoltural job Rights to End foreign workers Explotation

The project is co -funded by the European Commission under the program “Prevention of and fight against crime”, which funds research and training in the field of fight to trafficking and exploitation of workers. The contrast to the exploitation of workers in the agricultural sector…
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Harmanli Refugee Camp Play School

Harmanli Refugee Camp Play School is a centre for play based learning and play therapy in which refugee children can relax, have fun and thrive! The school provides children between the ages of 4 and 14 with a range of activities and lessons to develop maths, science, art and English skills,…
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Latest funding information

Slovakia: Funding opportunity – Support of the diversity in the art and culture

The Government office of the Slovak republic as an administrator of the financial mechanism EHP SK05 Support of the diversity in art and culture within European Culture Heritage announces calls CLT03 for proposals. The call is focused on the international cooperation within contemporary and live…
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Ireland: Caring Communities Grants Scheme Round 6

The Community Foundation for Ireland is delighted to announce the opening of our Caring Communities Grants Scheme Round 6. The Categories for this round are Ethnic Minorities and Mental Health and Stigma. Grants of up to €10,000 are available for projects working towards the political…
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Latest documents

What Institutions help immigrants Integrate?

This is a research paper analyzing the importance of national migration policy and labour market institutions for immigrants’ labour market integration.  The research was conducted within the collaborative project “Welfare, Wealth and Work for Europe – Europe moving towards…
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Into the mainstream: Rethinking public services for diverse and mobile populations

Amidst a backdrop of growing diversity, the concept of ‘mainstreaming’ immigrant integration has proven trendy in European policy circles in recent years even it has been invoked for different purposes and in different contexts. Accurately used to capture the idea that integration…
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The EU Blue Card – is there a need for a more comprehensive approach?

This Policy Brief reviews the implementation of the EU Blue Card (BC) Directive in Member States and offers some suggestions on how to improve its potential. Firstly, it traces back the origin of the current partitioned approach in labour migration and the objectives that an EU labour migration…
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Enhancing the Economic Potential of Diversity: Management Standards For Local Governments

This set of management standards describes procedures for interested local governments. Their administrations are advised to follow them in order to meet objectives in promoting migrant entrepreneurship and integration. It can be used as a guide for improving the quality and effectiveness of…
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Severe labour exploitation: workers moving within or into the European Union

The term ‘severe labour exploitation’ refers to all forms of labour exploitation that are criminal under the legislation of the European Union (EU) Member State where the exploitation occurs. The EU already has a solid legal framework that clearly proscribes labour exploitation, but…
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EMN Annual Report on Immigration and Asylum 2014

The report describes developments in the EU and its Member States in the area of asylum and immigration policies in 2014. The structure of the report resembles the various dimensions of asylum and migration policies. The first section analyzes the progress in the creation of the Common European…
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