25 September: Student Debate on European Citizenship organised by the Foundation on European Citizens’ Rights, Involvement and Trust (ECIT)

Student Debate on European Citizenship organised by The Foundation on European Citizens` Rights, Involvement and Trust (ECIT)

Maastricht University, Friday, 25th September, 13.30-15.30

Opening remarks: Tony Venables (Founder of ECIT)

Moderator: Costica Dumbrava (Executive Coordinator of MACIMIDE )

Abstract: The objective of this student debate is to give students an opportunity to express their opinions about their understandings of what European citizenship is and what it should be in the future, and to discuss current affairs related to European citizenship. The debate will be loosely based on the following questions:

  • To what extent is European citizenship a genuinely post-national citizenship with its own existence?
  • Should the rights attached to European citizenship be limited to nationals of EU member states or extended to all those legally resident in the EU?
  • What is the relationship between European rights and universal human rights?
  • How to make European citizenship work properly and ensure that the universal human rights are respected?
  • Will citizens really have a voice through existing channels dominated by expertise and lobbies?
  • How to ensure that expectations created by the promise of involvement are not disappointed, as in the case of European citizens initiatives?
  • Like the European Union itself, is not European citizenship too much of an elite driven project?
  • Could a broader European citizenship be conceived, as distinct from a narrow EU citizenship, based o shared values, resisting growing nationalism and xenophobia?

Venue: Maastricht University, Faculty of Arts and Social Science (FASOS), GG76, room 0.07

Registration: For registration and further information please contact Pamela Pięch at p.piech@student.maastrichtuniversity.nl.

Attachements:  ECIT draft guidelines (pdf.)