DAMR FALL 2016 meeting: Urban refugees: migration and the city

Participation in the DAMR fall event is free of charge. Please register by sending an email to L.E.Berntsen@uvt.nl
(Preliminary Program)

18 November 2016, Tilburg University

10.45-11.00       Registration

11.00-11.45        Welcome and introduction

Keynote Lisa Berntsen undocumented urban migrant workers

11.45-12.45        Session 1: urban migrants and informal practices

Lieneke Slingenberg (Free University Amsterdam)  Informal migrant settlement and the right to respect for a home

Sjors Joosten (Wageningen University) Survival on the Streets of ‘Babylon’: West African migrants in Barcelona

12.45-13.30       Lunch

13.30-14.15        Keynote (TBC)

14.15-15.45        Session 2: urban and rural responses to migrants and refugees

Aslan Zorlu (University of Amsterdam) Attitudes toward asylum seekers in small local communities

Teressa Juzwiak, Elaine Lebon-McGregor and Melissa Siegel (Maastricht University) Migrant and Refugee Integration in Global Cities: the role of businesses and cities

Elaine Lebon-McGregor and Nora Ragab (Maastricht University) Art, Culture and the Integration of refugees and migrants in European cities

16.15            Inaugural lecture prof.dr. Conny Rijken Victimisation through migration, at the Auditorium