DAMR Event: ‘Welcoming Spaces’ Colloquium Utrecht University

WELCOMING SPACES is a research project funded through a Horizon 2020 grant. The consortium aims to look into the possibilities to revitalise shrinking areas by hosting non-EU migrants. They will focus on local, bottom-up initiatives that stimulate integration of migrants, while revitalizing rural regions that currently face severe population and economic decline.

The kick-off colloquium will take place on Friday, March 6. The event brings together researchers, policy-makers, NGOs, trade unions and businesses striving for the fair, inclusive and sustainable development of shrinking European regions, while providing opportunities for the successful integration of non-EU migrants.

Attached please see more information about the research project and the colloquium programme.

Signing up for the conference is possible by sending an email to WelcomingSpaces@uu.nl.

See in attachment the programme.