Consultancy Study: Research on the determinants of destination choices of refugees and migrants in Libya

The MMC is a leading source for independent and high-quality data, research, analysis and expertise on mixed migration. The MMC aims to increase understanding of mixed migration, to positively impact global and regional migration policies, to inform evidence-based protection responses for people on the move and to stimulate forward thinking in public and policy debates on mixed migration. The MMC’s overarching focus is on human rights and protection for all people on the move. The MMC focuses on 7 core regions, with regional teams in each of these: Eastern Africa & Yemen; North Africa; West Africa; the Middle East, Asia, Europe and Latin America & Caribbean Read more about the MMC here: The MMC is part of the Danish Refugee Council (DRC), a leading humanitarian organization responding to displacement and mixed migration in 40 countries.

Since 2014, MMC has been implementing the Mixed Migration Monitoring Mechanism initiative (4Mi), a growing network of monitors stationed in key migration hubs in more than 20 countries along major migration routes, who are interviewing refugees and migrants on the move on a continuous basis, providing a solid evidence base on the needs and protection incidents facing people on the move. Read more about 4Mi here:

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Deadline for application: 30 September 2020.