CICP SUMMER SCHOOL on the challenge posed by migration and refugees to the EU 2017

This Summer School aims at thinking about the specific challenge posed by migration and refugees to the EU and its member states. For that purpose, sessions will count on the contribution of renowned specialists, in the premises of the School of Economics and Management of the University of Minho in Braga, Portugal.
The Programme articulates three core thematic axes with practical exercises in the form of debates and simulations.

The first axe unpacks, in a comparative manner, how the EU and specific member states have been managing in practice the migrants and refugees flows. By addressing current practices, the participants will engage in “thinking out of the box” for improved solutions.
The second axe incorporates the need to understand how the security nexuses operate in the EU and how they must be taken into consideration for any solution to the crisis. Internal versus external security has been assuming a core place in the EU external action, along with emerging tensions between pursuing the path of humanist values versus increasing demands for home security.
The third axe is animated by the critical analysis of such tensions, with a particular focus on the emergence of xenophobia phenomena, and the growth of difficulties in welcoming Otherness in paradoxically more diverse and pluralist-demanding societies.The CICP 2017 Summer School aims particularly at providing useful information to practitioners and students interested in figuring out ways to reconcile security imperatives and the continuity of a humanist essence within the EU integration project.

The CICP 2017 Summer School will also be a benefit for members of NGOs, migrants associations, human rights activists, civil servants, postgraduate students and citizenss interested in thinking critically about the nexus between migrants, security, Human Rights, and the European project.

The summer school will take place at the School of Economics and Management, University of Minho, Braga, Portugal.

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