CfP: Migration Blog DAMR

Do you want to present your research to a wider community beyond academia? DAMR is currently looking for contributions to the DAMR MigrationBlog. The DAMR MigrationBlog aims to make migration research accessible for a wide audience. 

We talk continuously about migration and related matters – ranging from social cohesion to border control regimes – in national parliaments, in the media, while enjoying a cup of coffee and on the schoolyard. Everyone has an opinion about migration, but that opinion is seldom grounded in scientific insights. Unfortunately, this also counts for political debates and policy making, while there is a lot of migration research being done in the Netherlands and other countries. Such research is being presented in scientific books and journals, often in English, and only accessible for other scientists. Hence, important insights generated by this research does not always reach a wider public. The DAMR MigrationBlog aims to contribute to public and political analysis, forming opinions and policy making on migration, grounded in scientific research.

The DAMR MigrationBlog publishes two types of contributions. First, it communicates short summaries of recently published migration research with a more accessible language. Such summaries can be written by the authors themselves, or by third parties. Second, we publish contributions in which scientific experts aim to explain and further disentangle actualities based on scientific research.

Are you interested in 1) writing a contribution for the DAMR blog, or 2) becoming involved in editing the contributions DAMR receives? Contributions to the blog can be submitted in Dutch and English – the editors will translate the English blogs to Dutch for publication. Please submit your contributions (max. 1000 words) to, or send an email for further information.