CfP: Forum for Global Challenges

In May 2022, the University of Birmingham’s Institute for Global Innovation will host the first
conference of the Forum for Global Challenges. Taking place at Birmingham’s International
Convention Centre, the conference will bring together academics, policy-makers, practitioners,
business leaders and industry representatives to collaboratively develop solutions to global
challenges faced by people and the planet. Informed by over a year of deliberation and consultation, the conference will be a unique opportunity to share experience and ideas. The Forum for Global Challenges seeks solutions to the overarching challenges of climate change and inequalities. We are inviting proposals for contributions to a number of topics, with details on each topic provided later in this call. In brief these are:

  1. Green Economy
  2. Restoring Nature
  3. Future of Cities
  4. Mobilities and Migration
  5. Food and Nutrition Security
  6. Health and Wellbeing
  7. Education and Employment Futures
  8. Gender Equality
  9. Making Change Happen

Proposals for contributions can address more than one of these topics, as we recognise that many
challenges lie at the intersections between them. If accepted, a number of selected contributions will be given through short live presentations – in person or virtually. The remainder will be recorded contributions, uploaded to the virtual conference platform. Recorded contributions can include a PowerPoint presentation or poster, both with a short supporting video.

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