CfP: Current Issues in Migration Research Journal, special issue section on “Malmo city and superdiversity”

Current Issues in Migration Research Journal
SI on “Malmo city and superdiversity”

Call for Submissions for the first issue of Current Issues in Migration Research (CIMR), an open access, peer-reviewed, non-traditional journal, that aims to capture dynamic features of ongoing research in migration studies. The aim of the journal is to enable and advance discussions and knowledge production in the field of migration studies by bridging academic research and societal developments. We welcome submissions of original contributions that may, among others, present research findings, analyse policies and programmes, share good practices, or reflect lived experiences of migration. We encourage submissions from academics, practitioners and policymakers and provide an array of non-traditional formats for doing so.

For the first issue, we invite both submissions concerned with the topic of migration, broadly understood, and submissions that address our special issue section on “Malmo city and superdiversity”.

Please submit your full-length proposal to The deadline for submission is 14 June 2024. We aim to publish the first issue in October 2024.

Please read below for more information about the journal and publication formats.

Current Issues in Migration Research (CIMR) is an open access, peer-reviewed, non-traditional journal that aims to provide a platform for intellectual discussion that goes beyond traditional formats of academic engagement. CIMR offers researchers, teachers, students, practitioners and other experts in the field of migration studies a flexible medium to publish texts that contribute to salient academic and public debates and discuss issues that have not yet received sufficient scholarly attention. This makes the scope of CIMR broader than that of a typical academic journal, and more theoretically invigorative than that of a policy brief series.

We aim to publish 2-3 issues per year. Each issue consists of a special section dedicated to a specific and overarching topic, and a general section that includes different, un-related forms of publications (see below). The issue is registered in DIVA as a peer-reviewed report with a DOI number. Submissions can be made in either English or Swedish. Contributions that contain other original languages need to provide a translation in English or Swedish. The editorial team will provide feedback on the submitted drafts and on the layout. The author(s) is responsible for any language checks. The editorial board maintains the right to reject submissions not suitable for publication and to decide on the final layout.

CIMR is published online by the Malmo Institute for Migration Studies (MIM) ( MIM is a leading interdisciplinary centre for research on migration, mobility, integration, citizenship, and the politics of migration and cultural diversity.

Editorial Board

  • Anders Hellström, Malmo University
  • Måns Lundstedt, University of Gothenburg
  • Brigitte Suter, Malmo University
  • Magdalena Ulceluşe, Malmo University

Publication formats
We welcome a variety of non-traditional formats, including research briefs, expert dialogues, expert interviews, empirical contributions in the form of fieldwork interviews and diary entries, artistic contributions, literature reviews and book reviews, to name a few. We especially encourage creative and unconventional short- and medium-length formats, that promote interdisciplinary, cross-sectoral, and transdisciplinary discussions.

Please see below examples of the formats we accept. Other formats are possible, however please contact the editorial board for a discussion on this before submission.

  • Research briefs:  study summary, written in a popular form accessible to a non-academic audience. Ca 45 pages.
  • Policy briefs: present key findings and policy recommendations originating from research projects or policy experience, using clear and non-jargon language. Ca 4-5 pages.
  • Dialogues: conversation between two or more people (scholars, practitioners or other experts), bringing up relevant, informative, potentially contrasting perspectives on a timely issue. Ca 5 pages.
  • Commentary: revealing a new societal development or a new trend in research, which has been so far understudies. Ca. 3 pages.
  • Interviews/diaries: an interview with a prominent researcher, practitioner or expert in the field. It could also be an interview transcript from fieldwork or an interview study if the text is of particular interest (in compliance with ethical considerations). It could also be diary entries that have been gathered in the framework of a research project. Submissions need to include a contextualisation of the issue or the situation and a statement on why the text is of particular interest to a wider audience. Ca 3-10 pages.
  • Artistic contribution: a written form of an artistic performance from an exhibition or an artistic work (film, performance, poetry, theatre play, etc.) Ca 1-10 pages.
  • Methodological or theoretical reflections. Ca 3-5 pages.
  • Literature review: A state-of-the art exploration of the knowledge production of a specific theme of scholarly and other interest, including recent research developments in the field. Ca 10-20 pages.
  • Article/Book review: A review, reflection and criticism of a recent book/article in the field, of approximately 1-3 pages.  Please also note that this subgenre could contain elements, and independent reflections on several different pieces from the given author of approximately 10-15 pages.