CfP: CEEMR Special Issue

International migration and socio-economic transition in Central and Eastern Europe
CEEMR Special Issue
Call for papers
Editors: Agata Górny, Paweł Kaczmarczyk
It has been three decades since the beginning of the political and economic transition in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). The growth of international migration from and into the region has been an integral part of the social and economic change. The exploration of these population movements has been marked by two simultaneous tendencies. On the one hand, research on CEE migration has been incorporated into mainstream migration scholarship. On the other hand, methodological and theoretical approaches specific to the region have been developed.The goal of the Special Issue is to demonstrate the contribution of the research on migration in the region to broadly defined migration literature. Among the topics that deserve attention in this regard we find:

  • the perspective of the sending countries (return migration, the role of remittances – both social and economic – for sending areas, etc.) in the context of the migration-development nexus;
  • the role of the EU enlargement (lifting of legal barriers for labour migration in the context of high emigration pressures) in shaping migration strategies of CEE migrants (and in the context of the European migration system);
  • the formation of migration policy both as a response to the need for its harmonisation with the EU requirements and as an outcome of country- and region-specific processes;
  • the role of political changes in shaping migration patterns (EU accessions, enlargement of the Schengen Area, changes in visa requirements, etc.);
  • the notion of integration in the context of fluid and temporary forms of emigration and immigration;
  • attitudes towards ethnic diversity / foreigners in countries with low-scale immigration and few experiences with the inflow of foreigners (especially in the context of recent developments in this regard related to the migration crisis in Europe);
  • methodological challenges in studying high-scale emigration and low-scale (mainly temporary) immigration.
Deadline for abstracts submission: 15 March 2018Deadline for manuscripts submission: 30 June 2018

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