CfP: Boundary crossing conference

Boundary crossing:
An international, interdisciplinary conference on refugees and social justice
3-4 September 2018

Understanding the crisis of forced migration means attending to questions of social justice that include conflict, economic hardship, globalisation, climate change and shifting attitudes to immigrants, nationalism and xenophobia. No one academic discipline by itself can hope to provide a definitive account of the breadth and depths of this crisis. It is for this reason the University of Winchester invites proposals for papers, workshops, exhibitions and performances from all academic disciplines to form original judgements on the nature of this crisis and what might be done to address it.

The conference will be a platform for the sharing of research, evidence, ideas and insights into good practice along with advancing cross-disciplinary insights and dialogue.

Key Speakers
Professor Matthew J Gibney,
Director of the Refugee Studies Centre, University of Oxford, author of many scholarly articles, chapters and books, including The Ethics and Politics of Asylum

Professor Lyndsey Stonebridge,
Professor of Modern Literature & History, University of East Anglia, author of Placeless People: Rights, Writing and Refugees (forthcoming with OUP) and The Judicial Imagination

Professor David Owen,
Professor of Social & Political Philosophy, the University of Southampton, has published widely on the ethics and politics of migration

Key Dates
Abstract Deadline: 30 March 2018
Notice of Acceptance: 30 April 2018
Registration: 15 July 2018
Conference: 3 and 4 September 2018

The conference themes include:

• Forced migration, community and justice
• Education, social sciences, and the arts in the context of political conflict
• Education, schooling and the inclusion of children seeking refuge
• The arts and negative representations of and views about refugees
• Migration, social policy and law
• Neoliberalism and migration
• Political philosophy, ethics and migration
• The politics of ‘race’, migration, refugees and identity
• Implications of Brexit for refugees
• Terrorism, stereotypes and exclusion
• Austerity economics and social justice.
• Faith-Based organisations and migration
• Climate change and migration

Claire Crittall, conference Co-ordinator