The 4th Ruppin International Conference on Immigration and Social Integration is entitled ‘The Changing Face of Migration: Future Challenges for Societies’ and will take place at the Ruppin Academic Center in Israel on May 23-24, 2016.

Over the past few decades many countries in Europe and elsewhere in the world have encountered major challenges related to migration and integration of immigrants. The 2016 Ruppin International Conference will focus on the evolving impact of migration on sending and host societies. Economic migrants, asylum seekers and refugees are on the move and researchers from various disciplines try to assess current migration and integration processes in the macro and micro perspective. What does the future hold? What are the future challenges related to these massive migration trends? What lessons are offered by past experience that can assist us in identifying responses for the future? The conference we will address and discuss these questions with researchers, policy makers and field experts from around the globe, touching upon various relevant areas of interest and inquiry but not limited to policy-making, education, employment and economy, health, culture and identity.

The Institute for Immigration and Social Integration at theRuppin Academic Center in cooperation with the Association for Canadian Studies (ACS) and the International Metropolis Project invites proposals for papers on a broad range of themes related to migration and integration- including an assessment for the future in the presented field:

● Immigration policy issues
● Economic aspects of migration and integration
● Immigration and globalization
● Labor migration
● Refugees and asylum seekers
● Public views and attitudes towards immigrants and immigration
● Immigrants and the mass media
● Social and educational aspects of immigration and integration
● Cultural aspects of immigration and integration (language, identity)
● Immigration and health
● Immigration and the third sector/NGOs
● Immigrant communities
● The impact of migration on sending and receiving countries

Papers on related topics not listed here will also be considered. We welcome proposals from academics, field experts, and policy makers.

Submission procedure: Abstracts should be no more than 250 words long, for a paper of 20 minutes duration, and include the paper title, author name and title, institutional affiliation, and abstract. Abstracts should be sent to the organizers to the following e-mail address: by November 10, 2015.

The abstracts will be evaluated by an international academic committee chaired by Prof. Moshe Semyonov. Answers will be sent back by December 10, 2015. Upon acceptance of the paper, we will require a brief biographical note (approximately 60 words).

For more information, please enter the conference website