MACIMIDE Co-Director Melissa Siegel on ‘The Impact of Refugee Experiences on Education: Evidence from Burundi’

This synopsis was first published in the newsletter of Growth and Labour Markets in Low Income Countries Programme. We would like to introduce you with some of the results of the paper: “The Impact of Refugee Experiences on Education: Evidence from…

Recent Macimide publications

Mazzucato, V., Dito, B., Grassi, M., and Vivet, J. (2017). Transnational parenting and the well-being of Angloan migrant parents in Europe. Global Networks, Vol. 17, Iss. 1. Waidler, J., Vanore, M., Gassman, F., and Siegel, M. (2017). Migration and the Multi-Dimensional Well-Being of…

Recent publications, 24/01/2017

Wagner, L. B. (2017). Viscous automobilities: diasporic practices and vehicular assemblages of visiting ‘home’. Mobilities, Vol. 0 , Iss. 0,0.

Recent publications, 26/10/2016

Reinold, J., Roosen, I., Hoogenboom, A., Westendorp, I., and Koch, K. (2016) International Marriage Brokers and Mail Order Brides. Analysing the need for regulation. European Parliament Think Tank. The study was requested by the European Parliament’s Committee on Women’s Rights and Gender Equality…

Recent publications, 19/09/2016

Cebotari, V., M. Siegel, and V. Mazzucato (2016). Migration and the education of children who stay behind in Moldova and Georgia. International Journal of Educational Development 51: 96-107.

Recent MACIMIDE publications, 25/08/2016

Dumbrava, C.  (2016). Reproducing the nation: reproduction,citizenship and ethno-demographic survival in post-communist Romania, Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies. DOI: 10.1080/1369183X.2016.1221335.

Recent MACIMIDE publications 22/07/2016

Cebotari, V., Mazzucato, V. & Siegel M. (2016). Gendered perceptions of migration among Ghanaian children in transnational care. Child Indicators Research. De Groot, G. R. & Vonk, O.W. (2016) International Standards on Nationality Law. Texts, Cases and Materials. Wolf Legal Publishers. Vanore, M….

Recent MACIMIDE publications 06/2016

Cebotari, V., Mazzucato, V., and Siegel, M. (2016). Child Development and Migrant Transnationalism: The Health of Children Who Stay Behind in Ghana and Nigeria, Journal of Development Studies. Meshkovska, B., Mickovski, N., Bos, A., and Siegel, M. (2016). Trafficking of Women…

IMISCOE Newsletter March 2016

Can’t read this mail? Click here to view it in the browser MEASURES OF CONTROL: MANAGING MIGRATION IN THE 21ST CENTURY (IMISCOE SPRING CONFERENCE 2016). The Centre for Advanced Migration Studies (AMIS) and IMISCOE jointly organized a conference on controlling migration at the University of…

ODI Publication: Journeys to Europe – the role of policy in migrant decision-making

The Overseas Development Institute has published research which aims to improve understanding of the role that migration policies play in the decisions migrants make along their journeys, Journeys to Europe: the role of policy in migrant decision-making. The paper and policy…