Call for PhD representatives within IMISCOE Standing Committee on Migrant Transnationalism

The IMISCOE Standing Committee on Migrant Transnationalism is looking for PhD representatives.

The objective of IMISCOE’s Standing Committee on Migrant Transnationalism (MITRA) is to provide an arena within IMISCOE for academic exchange on migrant transnationalism. MITRA is currently looking for two new PhD candidates to act as PhD representatives within the MITRA board. As a PhD representative you will work alongside the rest of the board, bring your ideas concerning general activities as well as activities targeted at PhD students. You will also be expected to initiate and organize activities for an international PhD community (e.g. online writing retreats).

If you like to take an active role in shaping academic discussions on migrant transnationalism and collaborate with an interdisciplinary group of scholars, please submit your application to Brigitte Suter ( by 1 June 2023.

In your application, please include your contact details and a maximum of 500 words explaining 1) your motivation to join the MITRA board and 2) how you would like to contribute to MITRA as a board member with one concrete project idea or initiative.

If you have further questions about this call, please contact MITRA co-coordinator Brigitte Suter (Brigitte Suter

If you would like to hear more about the experiences of our current PhD representatives, you can contact Naiara Peña ( or Bianca Luna (