Call for participation: Pitch & Mix event on Migration Research and Policy Implications (DAMR & Ministry of Justice and Security)

Migration Research and Policy Implications
Invitation to Pitch & Mix Session

Date: Afternoon, April 4th 2024
Location: Ministry of Justice and Security, Turfmarkt 147, 2511 DP Den Haag

This Pitch & Mix session, organised by the Migration Policy Department of the Dutch Ministry of Justice and Security and the Dutch Association for Migration Research (DAMR), has the objective of bringing together policy makers and academics to discuss the policy implications of migration research. The session will give researchers the opportunity to pitch ongoing and soon-to-kick-off research projects on all topics related to international migration relevant to actors in the migration policy domain. Research that is in some way practice-oriented is especially welcomed. Policy makers are invited
to discuss their policy dilemma’s and needs for new research with scholars. Chatham House Rules shall apply.

If you have a research project that you would like to share with relevant stakeholders and discuss its policy implications, please submit your Pitch & Mix proposal (max. 200 words) including your research project title, its status and policy relevance before January 31st 2024, to Djamila Schans (WODC) and Jeroen Doomernik (University of Amsterdam) at

Shortly after the deadline you will be informed about the outcome of the selection process and the complete program.