Call for participants: Venice Academy of Human Rights, 6-15 July 2015, Venice

The Venice Academy of Human Rights offers this summer intensive courses on “(Dis)Integration through Human Rights: Citizens, Courts, Communities”. Prof. Will Kymlicka will hold the general course and Prof.s Armin von Bogdandy, Andreas Føllesdal, Marc Weller and Marlene Wind will offer further lectures and seminars on multiculturalism, minorities, self-determination and the interplay of courts in the European integration project and beyond.

Learning Outcomes

The Venice Academy of Human Rights provides a powerful learning experience in a truly interdisciplinary and multicultural setting. Participants do not only attend lectures and seminar but can present their own research to the faculty and their peers.

Participants: Academics, practitioners, PhD/JSD and master students
Type of courses: Lectures, seminars, panel presentations and discussion sessions
Number of hours: up to 35 hours of courses
Location: Monastery of San Nicolò, Venice – Lido, Italy
Fees: 600 EUR