Call for interest: Visiting Professor in Gender and Migration Studies

Call for interest: Visiting Professor in Gender and Migration Studies (winter term 2016 and/or summer term 2017)

by the Gender and Migration Network Lower Saxony, Germany

The Gender and Migration Network of Lower Saxony is a young academic network of mainly social and cultural science researchers with a specific focus on gender-analytical approaches in the field of migration and border studies and vice versa ( The start-up funding of the network activities is kindly provided by the Ministry for Science and Arts of the state of Lower Saxony. Gender analytical approaches in migration studies have gained internationally some momentum and brought forward differentiated accounts of how gender is structuring migration on every level, from politics to biographies. In Germany, the field is still not very much institutionalized.

With the visiting professorships, we intend to strengthen the academic research field in the state of Lower Saxony with its three migration and gender related research centers/environments in Göttingen, Osnabrück and Oldenburg. We invite social and cultural science researchers with theoretical driven innovative approaches on gender and migration from the fields of migration, refugee, legal, security, border, race and queer studies. We are especially interested in research approaches that look at the intersection of gender and migration policies and how they inform, are practiced and are articulated in contemporary politics of differentiation.

The visiting professorship is divided into two phases with a duration of 3-5 months each. The first phase is during the winter term (Oct 2016 to Feb 2017), the second one during the summer term starts (April 2017 to July 2017). The position can either be granted for the entirely period or just one semester. The visiting professorship includes some teaching responsibilities. The visiting professor/s will be based either in Göttingen or Osnabrück. However, we expect that one bloc seminar will be taught at the other university and that the researcher will be actively involved in the discussions and activities (lectures, workshop, development of research ideas) of the Gender and Migration Network of Lower Saxony.

We welcome declarations of interest from researchers outside and from within Germany. These should include a brief statement of motivation and a CV. There is no deadline, but we welcome a response as soon as possible. As these are declarations of interest, we will follow-up with the candidates about their availability and conditions (salary etc.).

Please send declarations of interest as one email attachment (pdf) to:

Gender and Migration Network Lower Saxony
Prof. Dr. Sabine Hess and Prof. Dr. Helen Schwenken