Call for expression of interest expert roster for peer review KP and CH UNNM

Dear experts, stakeholders and colleagues,

Core Working Group 1.2 of the UN Network on Migration (Network) on establishing a Knowledge Platform (KP) and Connection Hub (CH) would like to invite expressions of interest for the forthcoming expert roster for peer review of the KP and CH by 15 September 2020.

The aim of the expert roster is to serve as peer reviewers of newly developed content of the Network and other inputs for the Knowledge Platform and Connection Hub. Conflicts of interest need to be declared before content is reviewed.

Selection criteria for members of the peer review roster include the following: 

  • Diversity: Geographical, gender, linguistic balance with representation of applicants from a policy/technical/practitioner background
  • Covering each of the 23 objectives and cross-cutting issues (including gender responsiveness, human rights, child-sensitivity) 
  • 5-10 years of experience, track record of publications related to migration desirable (with indication of area(s) of expertise, and supported by published works on the topic(s) if applicable) 
  • Voluntary basis, availability to review documents etc. twice a year 


Review criteria:

  • Review of content (see types below) by at least 1 internal (UN) and 2 external (non-UN) peer reviewersfor quality control, with transparency in methodology used (if applicable) and need to demonstrate applicability for implementing the GCM at local, national, regional or global level
  • In case of disagreement among peer reviewers that cannot be resolved by the KP team, a third (in case only one external reviewer replied)/fourthreviewer will be consulted 


Content types that require peer review: 

  • Working Group and other UN Network on Migration outputs (policy briefs, working papers for instance)
  • New content uploaded by external users to the KP (such as platforms, studies, handbooks, infographics, videos, datasets)
  • Periodic review of existing content on the KP and CH 


Content types that do not require peer review 

  • Existing resources and tools recommended by working groups of the UN Network on Migration


We look forward to receiving your applications and also invite you to register via the Migration Research Hub to build up a larger, publicly available database of experts that can support GCM implementation, which the Connection Hub will link to.

If interested in being considered for the expert roster, please submit an application by registering at the following link: