CfA: Expert workshop ‘Rights of migrants’

The  Expert Workshop: “Developing a Dataset on the Rights of Migrants in the EU”  will take place in Leuven (Parkstraat,47), in 23-24-25 January 2019. The deadline for the applications is 9 November 2018 and the details of the call can be found:

This workshop is organized by the EU-funded InGRID2 action project ( and hosted by the HIVA Research Institute for Society and Work, University of Leuven. This workshop aims to convene established scholars and practitioners with senior experts to discuss the state of rights of migrants in the Member State of the EU. A specific dataset will be developed – as far as possible prior to the workshop – to compare the rights of different categories of migrants (intra- and non-EU migrant workers, working and non-working, asylum seekers, refugees, undocumented immigrants, …) in the context of human rights, legal rights, social protection, right to work and social services.


Information for potential applicants

As an expert in the area of social policy and/or migration, your knowledge is considered to be beneficial for this endeavour.

Priority will be given to applicants volunteering to fill out an expert questionnaire on the rights of immigrants in their country. Applicants for this expert workshop are also invited to share their experience with other participants by giving a presentation on their relevant work.

In accordance, applicants are expected either:

  • to submit a short description of their work they intend to present on or an abstract of a paper directly related to the topic of the session;
  • or to describe shortly (in about 300 words) their experience in the field, how this experience relates to the session topic, and how other participants may benefit from learning about this experience.

Potential topics could cover the following research themes within the context of rights of migrants:

  1. national and EU legislation on migrants’ rights;
  2. state of rights of migrants in the EU countries (comparative or case studies);
  3. good practices concerning fundamental rights;
  4. rights of specific vulnerable migrant groups: refugees, asylum seekers, unaccompanied minors, Roma, …;
  5. effectiveness of rights: coverage, adequacy, take-up, conditionality, appeal, …

Concretely, we expect accepted participants in the workshop to fill out an expert questionnaire for their respective country. This may involve several days of research. In exchange for this effort, we want to grant you priority access to the complete dataset during a full year, for your own research and publication agenda.

The questionnaire compares rights to various sources of income and social benefits, as well as in-kind services, for individuals in ten different labour market and migration states. As some complexities may emerge as you examine the cases, you will be able to call upon the experience of a team of experts who piloted the questionnaire for their own countries. Further guidelines will be sent to the accepted experts/participants.

The travel and accommodation costs of selected presenter will be covered by the organisers. Please feel free to contact us( if you require additional information. We very much look forward to hearing from you and hope that you would be willing to accept our invitation to this important event.