17/12: Book Launch: COVID-19 and Migration: Understanding the Pandemic and Human Mobility

Virtual Book Launch:  COVID-19 and Migration: Understanding the Pandemic and Human Mobility

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted every domain of life. Migration and human mobility in general are not exceptions. Join us for the launch of the first edited volume on COVID-19 and Migration. The book brings together the world’s foremost experts on human mobility to understand the many and complex links between the pandemic and human mobility. Following an introduction by the editors Ibrahim Sirkeci and Jeffrey H. Cohen the launch event features flash-presentations from six of the book’s chapter that shed light on specific thematic areas – such as health, agriculture, remittances, and multilateral cooperation – as well as in-depth country experiences – such as South Africa and India.


    • Ibrahim Sirkeci and Jeffrey H. Cohen: Editors
    • Monette Zard and Ling San Lau: The Future of Mobility in a Post Pandemic World: Forced Migration and Health
    • Daniel Naujoks: Multilateralism for Mobility: Interagency Cooperation in a Post-Pandemic World
    • Philip L. Martin: Covid-19 and International Labour Migration in Agriculture 
    • Sadhana Manik: ‘Unwanted but Needed’ in South Africa: Post Pandemic Imaginations on Black Immigrant Entrepreneurs owning Spaza Shops
    • Melissa Siegel: Covid-19, Remittances and Repercussions 
    • R.B. Bhagat: Covid-19, Migration and Livelihood in India: Challenges and Policy Issues 


For more information on the edited volume, see:  tplondon.com/product/covid-19-and-migration/

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