25/06/2021 – PhD Defence on Poverty Dynamics and Changes in Household Structures in Situations of Conflict-Induced Displacement: Evidence from Longitudinal Data in Colombia

For more information click here. To watch it click here.

10/06/2021 – PhD Defence on Unveiling the determinants of scientific productivity in middle-income countries: An economics of science perspective

Lorena Rivera Leon, UNU-MERIT The thesis aims to understand the role of scientists and scientific communities in the process of knowledge creation by looking at scientific productivity, its determinants, and effects at the individual level, and the macro level, in…

28/06/2021 – Hard (EU) Law through Soft Courts?

How is the prohibition of refoulement interpreted by United Nations Treaty Bodies UNTBs in their individual decision-making? Do UNTBs act as ‘soft courts’ that are more progressive interpreters than hard courts? This webinar – arranged by the Centre for Migration Law Radboud University and…

New video by Melissa Siegel on RemitSCOPE

Melissa Siegel takes a look at the new RemitSCOPE platform that “compiles and analyses data on all 54 African countries providing multi-layered information on diaspora, remittances, regulation, access, market players and financial inclusion.” To watch the video click here.

Prof. Siegel’s Newest Migration Snapshot Series Video on Spain

In this video Melissa Siegel uses data from the EU’s Atlas on Migration to look at the migratory situation in Spain. In doing this she looks at both the flows and stocks as well as at measures of social inclusion,…

Melissa Siegel uploads a new country case study series: the UK

In this new country case study series on the UK Melissa Siegel looks at the history of migration, migration policy and the modern situation in the United Kingdom. In her first video she addresses the history from the Norman Conquest…

New Publications Search Form on the MACIMIDE website

The MACIMIDE website has been updated to facilitate searching the publications page. This provides added flexibility in searching through researchers publications.

Naturalization in African states: its past and potential future

Manby, B. (2021) Naturalization in African states: its past and potential future. Citizenship Studies. https://doi.org/10.1080/13621025.2021.1926098

CfP – Borderlands: Getting to the core of crimmigation

Prof. Maartje van der Woude (Leiden University) announces an online conference organized by Oxford based research group Border Criminologies and the Network of Crimmigration scholars (CINETS) entitled “Borderlands – Getting to the core of crimmigation”. It is possible to submit…

02/06/2021 – DAMR PHD event – Exploring Migration in Rural Areas

A large part of research in migration studies focuses on urban centers. Context-specific social processes surrounding international migration to and diversity in rural regions, small villages and marginalized, or downscaled, areas have been widely omitted by scholarship and policy. However,…