Nov 2017

10 Nov

10/11/2017 ITEM Annual Conference 2017

10:30 am - 4:30 pm
ITEM Annual Conference 2017 Date: 10 November 2017 | 10.30 am - 4.30 pm; Location: S-Forum der Stadtsparkasse, 3rd floor Address: Berliner Allee 33, 40 212, [...]
08 Nov

08/11/2017 GTD Globalization, Transnationalism & Development Colloquium by Ana Rodrigues

Can’t Wait to Learn – an innovative education program  By Ana Rodrigues War Child Holland Abstract Children affected by conflict urgently need and deserve access to [...]

Oct 2017

18 Oct

18/10/2017 Migration Seminar by Floris Peters

In the upcoming seminar, Floris Peters (Maastricht University, FaSoS Political Science) will present "Naturalisation and homeownership: an analysis of the signaling effect of citizenship in the housing market".  The seminar [...]
11 Oct


You are invited to the:  Globalization, Transnationalism & Development Colloquium When: Oct 11, 2017, from 15.30 to 17.00 Where: Spiegelzaal Soiron building – Grote Gracht 80-82, Maastricht University The topic of this lecture is: [...]

Sep 2017

22 Sep

22/09/2017 Phd Defense by Tanja van Veldhuizen: 'Where I Come From and How I Got Here: Interviewing to Assess Credibility in Asylum Cases'

To get a residence permit in the Netherlands, or elsewhere in Europe, asylum seekers need to tell a credible story about their identity, their country [...]
20 Sep

20/09/2017 MGSoG/UNU-MERIT Migration Seminar by Zina Nimeh

In the upcoming seminar, Dr. Nimeh (MGSoG/UNU-MERIT) will present "In the Absence of Social Justice – the Case of Migrating from Syria".  The seminar will be held on 20 [...]
13 Sep

13/09/2017 GTD Colloquium by Aram Ziai

Globalisation, Transnationalism & Development Colloquium When: September 13, 2017, from 15.30 to 17.00 Where: Spiegelzaal Soiron building - Grote Gracht 80-82, Maastricht University The topic of this lecture is: Can the subaltern file claims? [...]

Jun 2017

27 Jun

27/06/2017 MiLifeStatus Kick-Off Conference

The programme of the kick-off conference can be downloaded here. The kick-off conference is a closed working conference. We have a limited number of places [...]
26 Jun

PhD defense by Marie P.L.A. De Somer: 'Autonomy through Precedent; A Longitudinal Analysis of The EU Court of Justice’s Case Law on Family Reunification Immigration'

PhD conferral Ms Marie P.L.A. De Somer Supervisors: prof.dr. S. Vanhoonacker, prof.dr. M. Vink “Autonomy through Precedent; A Longitudinal Analysis of The EU Court of [...]
14 Jun

14/06/2017 Macimide / MGSoG / UNU-MERIT Migration Series by

We are very fortunate to welcome Dr. Adrian Shin back to the migration seminar series. The migration seminar series, which is offered jointly by MGSoG/UNU-MERIT [...]
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