30/05/2016: Migration seminar “Journeys to Europe: the role of policy in migrant decision-making” by Jessica Hagen-Zanker

Journeys to Europe: the role of policy in migrant decision-making

by Dr. Jessica Hagen-Zanker (Overseas Development Institute)

MGSoG/UNU-MERIT Migration Seminar in collaboration with Maastricht Centre for Citizenship, Migration and Development (MACIMIDE)

Abstract: With more than a million migrants reaching Europe, 2015 has become known as the year of Europe’s migration crisis. The persistence and intensification of crises in other parts of the world fuelled the largest movement of migrants and refugees into Europe since World War II. With some exceptions, the European response has been guided by strategies of containment, restriction and deterrence. Rather than welcoming, settling and integrating the new arrivals, many EU member states have tried to drive them away from their borders through an escalation of restrictive migration policies designed to stop people coming in the first place. This presentation will look at the journeys made by migrants.

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