25 Postdoctoral Fellowships- University of Liège

The University of Liege invites applications for twenty-five postdoctoral fellowships funded by the FP7-MSCA-COFUND “Be International PostDoc” postdoctoral programme.

Located near to the German and Dutch borders, the University of Liege (ULg) welcomes about 20,000 students on its 3 campuses (Liege, Arlon, Gembloux). It offers curricula in a comprehensive set of subjects. Teaching languages are French and in English.The University of Liege is a “research university”, with about 2,000 PhD students, 2500 researchers and 600 professors. It devotes more than half of its annual budget to research. Its activities extend from fundamental to applied research, with strong interactions between disciplines. The ULg is very proud to contribute, in close collaboration with private companies, to the development of the Walloon region through research and the creation of spin-offs.

Liege (population size 200,000) is a friendly and affordable city where one is never alone. People speak very easily to you in the streets, on the bus or in the famous pubs of the area known as “Le Carré (the square)”. Up the hill, just beside the City centre, you can enjoy magnificent panoramic views and discover hidden gardens. Liege is extremely popular for its weekly outdoor Sunday morning market and its dynamic and modern cultural life (museum, theatre, opera, Philharmonic orchestra). Parks and gardens host families when the sun is shining. The City of Liege is also known for its intercultural diversity, due to the migrants and the numerous exchange students who choose Liege as their destination.

Fellowship duration: 24 months. The fellowship must start between 1/10/2015 and 31/12/2015.

Research areas: All research areas are eligible.


Applicants must fulfil the following conditions.

  • They must have obtained a PhD abroad and not have lived or worked in their main job in Belgium for more than 24 months in the past 3 years before the start of the BeIPD-COFUND fellowship;
  • If they are allocated the grant, they must be doing full-time unconstrained research at ULg;
  • During the fellowship, the applicant may not perform other paid work for ULg or a third party.

Additional conditions are imposed within the BeIPD-COFUND programme:

  • The applicant must have obtained his/ her doctoral degree after 1 October 2009 or be in a position to obtain his/ her doctoral degree before 16 March 2015. The earliest admissible date of the doctoral degree will be set back by one year per maternity/paternity leave, with a max. of 2 years;
  • Applicants may not have previously held a research position (grant, work contract, FNRS post-doc) at ULg before the start of the BeIPD-COFUND fellowship;
  • Applicants may not have benefited from a “Belgian post-doc grant” for more than 12 months before the start of the BeIPD-COFUND fellowship.

Salary and duties

Monthly salary (about 2.100€ net per month with social security, health care, insurances, and additional family allowance for dependent children) + 15.000€/y research running cost, travel and mobility allowance (managed within university procedures).

How to apply

As described in the “Guide for applicants” (http://www.ulg.ac.be/cofund): online applications should be received no later than 13 February 2015, 23:59 GMT+1.

Selection results will be announced in June 2015.


Mrs Raphaela Delahaye MA, BeIPD-COFUND Project Manager
Université de Liège
Administration Recherche & Développement (ARD)
Place du XX Août, 7
B- 4000  Liège – Belgique

Tél :  +32 (0)4 366 91 04