25/11: Migration Seminar: Trafficking in Persons in South Sudan: Prevalence, Challenges and Responses.

The next migration seminar offered jointly by MGSoG/UNU-MERIT in collaboration with MACIMIDE, will take place on Wednesday, November 25th.

In this seminar, Mr. Harley will present a study on human trafficking in South Sudan. The seminar will be held from 15:00 to 16:00 CET on Zoom.

About the speaker:​

Loksan Harley is an independent migration, development, and protection expert with extensive experience working with the United Nations, governments, and non-profits in research, project management, capacity-building and technical assistance across Europe, Africa, and Asia-Pacific. He holds a BA in economics from McGill University and an MSc in public policy and management from the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, where he has also lectured on migration policy.


Kindly be informed that the audio of this seminar will be recorded to allow us to share it on the Youtube channel. Once you join the seminar your camera and mic will be automatically off however you have the option to switch them on if you find it necessary for your participation.


Trafficking in Persons in South Sudan: Prevalence, Challenges and Responses.

This report is the product of an extensive consultative process. It is the first of its kind in the country and aims to provide a comprehensive, in-depth study into trafficking vulnerabilities, current and future responses to prevent human trafficking, protect victims, and prosecute those who organize and benefit from this crime. This report also provides key recommendations through which the Government of South Sudan and partner agencies can work together to systematically address trafficking in persons through a whole-of-government approach.

The full report can be found here: https://southsudan.iom.int/media-and-reports/humanitarian-updates/full-report-trafficking-persons-south-sudan-prevalence

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