21/03/2018 Migration seminar by Lisa Anderson

On Wednesday, March 21, Lisa Andersson (OECD) will present “Interrelations between public policies, migration and development”. The seminar will be held from 12:00-13:00 in the UNU-MERIT building at Boschstraat 24 in room 1.23. A sandwich lunch will be provided.  The migration seminar series is offered jointly by MGSoG/UNU-MERIT in collaboration with MACIMIDE, and features researchers and practitioners whose work addresses human mobility.


The presentation will focus on the findings of the OECD Development Centre project “Interrelations between public policy, migration and development”. The project examines how migration affects key policy sectors, especially the labour market, agriculture, education, investment and financial services, and social protection and health. It also analyses how sectoral policies influence different migration outcomes, such as the decision to migrate or return, the use of remittances and the integration of immigrants in host countries.

Speaker biography:

Lisa Andersson joined the OECD Development Centre as an Economist in 2013. Her current work focuses on social protection in the informal sector. Prior to this appointment she spent four years working in the Migration and Skills unit at the Development Centre. Her work largely focused on the interrelations between public policy, migration and development in ten low and middle-income countries.  Before joining the OECD she was an affiliated researcher at Maastricht Graduate School of Governance and UNU-Merit, where she carried out a large-scale migration project. Lisa holds a PhD in Development Economics from the University of Gothenburg and a MSc in Economics from Uppsala University. Her PhD thesis focused on the impacts of international migration and remittances on household welfare and development.