21-22/10/2021 – DAMR Virtual Conference 2021: Mixing Methods in Migration Research

Mixed methods research is an excellent way to capture complex phenomena such as migration due to its possibilities to collect rich, comprehensive data. However, the blending of methods in migration studies remains difficult. In this virtual conference, academic researchers will come together from all over the world together to exchange experiences, interests and ambitions in bringing mixed methods to the next level in the field of migration research.

The conference will include two keynotes by internationally renowned experts on the practicalities of mixed methods research and the dissemination of its results. These will be furthered by workshops where you can exchange and develop ideas on several issues, such as publishing and representation – and provide a space to discuss challenges and considerations associated with mixed methods research and to move towards a true blending of methodologies.

Thursday 21 October 2021 2:30pm CET – 5:00pm CET

  • Keynote J. Carling
  • Discussions
  • Workshops:
    • Mixed-Methods Plans (for ECRs in specific)
    • Publishing

Friday 22 October 2021 2:30pm CET – 6:00pm CET

  • Keynote R. Latcheva
  • Discussions
  • Workshops:
    • Dream Designs
    • Voices and Representation
  • Research speed date session

Registrations open by early July. More information soon here.