21/04/2023 – DAMR Spring Conference: Sustainable Migration

The Dutch Association for Migration Research (DAMR) holds its annual Spring Conference, entitled “Sustainable Migration & Citizenship”, at Utrecht University on April 21st 2023. It includes coffee and drinks. The conference explores and investigates how migration interacts with the various understandings of sustainability. It starts from questioning how to rethink migration in terms of free movement, how to highlight a human rights approach towards sustainability and what does climate change mean for migration, minority groups and regimes of inequality. Please find the program attached, including practicalities. The conference hosts two panels centering on migration & development and citizenship & environment, and brings together a group of interdisciplinary scholars who critically seek to engage with these themes with an engaged audience.

If you would like to participate in this one-day conference, please register by sending an email to secretariaatIERSBR@uu.nl. Registration is free. For questions and inquiries, please contact the aforementioned email or contact Laura Cleton (laura.cleton@uantwerpen.be) directly.