15/12/2022 – International Migrants’ Day Event: Research insights on migration and human security

IOM Research, together with the UNDP Human Development Report Office, invite you to join this International Migrants’ Day Event on Research insights on migration and human security.

The event will be opened by Dr Pedro Conceição (Director of the Human Development Report Office at UNDP), who will provide welcome remarks. Moderated by Dr Marie McAuliffe (Head of the Migration Research & Publications Division at IOM), the event will include several panelists, including Mr Heriberto Tapia (UNDP), Dr Linda Adhiambo Oucho (Africa Migration and Development Policy Centre), Prof Bandana Purkayastha (University of Connecticut), Prof Alexander Betts (University of Oxford), Prof Jane Suiter (Dublin City University) and Prof Francois Crépeau (McGill University). Ms Eva Akerman Borje (Director of the Department of Policy and Research at IOM) will close the event.

The complexity of migration, with facts that can sometimes be difficult to explain, combined with the topic’s high political salience means that it is especially prone to disinformation. Moreover, ongoing global transformations related to geopolitical upheavals, technological advances, environmental degradation and climate change are acting to erode migrants’ human security. UNDP’s 2022 Special Report on Human Security explores how migrants and other people on the move face disproportionate human security impacts. This joint IOM-UNDP International Migrants Day event is designed to bring the latest research insights from IOM Research and UNDP’s Human Development Report Office on migration and human security.

The event is scheduled to take place on Thursday 15 December, 09:30 – 11:00 (ET) / 15:30 – 17:00 (CET) on ZoomRegister here.