11/04/2018 ‘My University Cares Too’ Launch and Networking Event

“My University Cares Too” Launch and Networking Event Registration Deadline: 11 April 2018
The Unity in Diversity (UID), a refugee-focused foundation in The Hague, cordially invites you to attend the Launch of “My University Cares Too” and Networking Event .
This Launch and Network Event is being organized with the generous support of Wijdoenmee.nu, Erasmus University Rotterdam, and RCCG BTS Den Haag and Stichting Vluchteling Studenten UAF.
This is an invitation to register as an individual, a team, or as a representative of a project, initiative, school or other, by following this link
When registering as a representative of a school, initiative or project, ensure to write down the name of the entity you are representing, list the names of others who will be coming as representatives as well. This will help the organiser to prepare networking stands for you in advance.
*Registration deadline is on 11th April 2018. All attendees must register to attend.
Dick DouwesKeynote Speaker
Paul MbikayiSpeaker
As an academic, attending this event will give you the opportunity to
  • Showcase projects you are involved in, or explore projects and research you may like to join
  • understand more about how an inclusive education can make a difference in the live of a refugee student
  • discover ways in which you can help to impact the lives of your students
  • get inspired by what other academics and their students are doing in institutions of higher education for a good cause
  • meet and network with people, projects, and organizations that work in this field
  •  expand your social network, and connect to institution based organizations in your school or city
Attendees who are representing any type of entity, are encouraged to bring their promotional material to display i.e. roller banner, table signs, flyers, etc. This will be a unique opportunity to network and share information with individuals from all over the Netherlands coming from a wide background of Higher Education, Student Organizations, Language Schools, and Refugee Nonprofits.
Project updates can be followed online on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter by subscribing to @Myunicarestoo.
Please follow us and share our page with people in your network. This will help to raise more awareness about the existence of the database and the opportunities contained therein.