10-11/08/2023 – International Conference “Hard to Reach: Applied Research Methods with Hidden, Marginal and Excluded Populations” (UNICEF, University of Oxford)

The Centre for Experimental Social Science, Nuffield College (University of Oxford) in partnership with the UNICEF Regional Office for East Asia and Pacific is delighted to host the International Conference on Hard-to-Reach Populations: Applied Research Methods with Hidden, Marginal and Excluded Populations on Thursday, 10th to Friday, 11th August 2023 at Nuffield College, Oxford, UK.

We welcome submissions from international academics, researchers, policy makers, activists, practitioners, early-career researchers, postgraduate students, and other underrepresented groups in academic conferences.

This conference is part of the CESS – UNICEF EAPRO ongoing collaboration that includes the organization of the annual course on Applied Research Methods with Hidden, Marginal and Excluded Populations. The course will be held the week after this conference. Former students of the course are particularly invited in submitting a paper.


Ray Duch (University of Oxford)
Andrea Rossi (UNICEF)

Conference themes and objectives

The conference will focus on promoting robust qualitative and quantitative research methods for hidden, marginal, and excluded populations and explore the latest advancements in the definition of methodological strategies for data collection and analysis.

Key topics that may be discussed include advanced and basic estimation and sampling techniques, participatory research methods, innovation and use of technology, combining qualitative and quantitative methods, and ethical considerations for conducting research with marginalized populations.

The goal of the conference is to encourage interdisciplinary collaboration between academics, researchers, practitioners, activists, and other critical thinkers to promote innovative ideas and new perspectives on the challenges of conducting research with hidden and marginalized populations.

Important Dates

» Abstract submission deadline: 25th April 2023
» Decision date: 20th May 2023

Submission Guidelines

Please submit a title not exceeding 50 words and an abstract of approximately 180 words . The abstract should detail the methodology used, highlight any challenges encountered, and discuss the potential implications and future possibilities. Once your proposal is officially accepted by the conference committee you will be asked to submit the full article before the conference.

Note: Travel and accommodation costs are not covered for this event, and participants are responsible for making their own arrangements. Support may be provided to accepted papers presenting research conducted in the East Asia and Pacific Region.

For more information, and to submit a proposal, click here.