06/06/2024 – 3rd International Seminar of The Research Network on Ukrainian Migration

The Research Network on Ukrainian Migration, in cooperation with the Centre of Migration Research, the Centre of Excellence in Social Sciences and the Committee on Migration Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences, invites to its 3rd International Seminar entitled “Two Years of Russian War against Ukraine and its Consequences for Mobility: State of the Art and Research Gaps”. This time the main focus will be on taking stock of the existing knowledge on war-related mobility within and from Ukraine and on identifying research gaps. Introductory presentations will be given by Ukrainian scholars and research teams representing the main destination countries for Ukrainian migrants in the pre-war and war period.

The Research Network on Ukrainian Migration is one of the academic responses to Russia’s large-scale aggression against Ukraine by three European migration research centres in Florence, Maastricht and Warsaw. The aim of the network is research collaboration and the wide dissemination of its findings.

In order to register for the event, visit bit.ly/3WIL1OP