04/06/2024 – Symposium on Migration, Care and Intersecting inequalities (University of Reading)

Delegates are invited to register to attend the Symposium on Migration, Care and Intersecting inequalities, Tuesday 4th June 2024, 10 am – 5 pm, University of Reading, UK and hybrid keynote and plenary. Please register by 31 May by clicking on this link: Migration, Care & Intersecting Inequalities Interdisciplinary Symposium.

This interdisciplinary symposium aims to explore the relationship between migration, care and intersecting inequalities within the post-pandemic geopolitical landscape of immobility regimes, crisis-driven displacement, care deficits and ageing populations. The symposium will reflect on how paid and unpaid caring arrangements are shaped by intersecting inequalities in diverse migration and transnational contexts. We are interested in papers that address caring practices across the lifecourse, intersectionality and inequalities in access to formal care and social protection globally. These highly politicised and emotive issues pose key challenges and dilemmas for policymakers, practitioners and family members, as well as researchers and academics interested in transnational migration, care and social protection.

In addition to in person paper presentations, the Symposium will include:

  • Transnational ageing: theorising digital kinning and the relationality of care: Keynote lecture by Professor Loretta Baldassar, Edith Cowan University, Western Australia (hybrid – online access available)
  • Intergenerational Care, Inequalities and Wellbeing among Transnational Families in Europe: Plenary presenting key findings of the ‘Transnational Families in Europe research project, led by Professor Ruth Evans, University of Reading and Dr. Rosa Mas Giralt, University of Leeds. The presentation will be followed by a panel discussion with leading academics, practitioners and policymakers (hybrid – online access available).

Registration by 31May 2024

Please click on this link to register for in person or online access: Migration, Care & Intersecting Inequalities Interdisciplinary Symposium

  • In person registration fee (includes lunch and refreshments): £30
  • Free online access to Prof. Loretta Baldassar’s keynote and the Transnational Families in Europe project plenary.

Further information

Contact: Ruth Evans: r.evans@reading.ac.uk
Web: Transnational Families in Europe: Care, Inequalities and Wellbeing, https:/research.reading.ac.uk/transnational-families/

The Symposium forms part of the dissemination activities of the research project, Care, Inequality and Wellbeing in Transnational Families in Europe: a comparative, intergenerational study in Spain, France, Sweden and UK (2021-2024), led by Professor Ruth Evans, University of Reading and Dr. Rosa Mas Giralt, University of Leeds, UK.  It is funded by the UK Research and Innovation – Economic and Social Research Council and Joint Programming Initiative ‘More Years Better Lives’ (UKRI ESRC, Agencia Estatal de Investigación, Spain,  Agence Nationale de la Recherche, France and FORTE, Sweden).