03/11/2022 – Joep Lange Chair & Fellows Symposium: Migration and Health

Hosted by the Amsterdam Institute for Global Health & Development (AIGHD) and the
Joep Lange Institute (JLI), the Joep Lange Chair and Fellows Symposium brings together leading experts around a specific topic showcasing cutting-edge research. This year’s symposium will provide a platform to address the timely topic of Migration and Health.

With millions of people constantly on the move around the globe, whether due to war, famine, or simply in search of a better life, migration has become a global reality. This phenomenon impacts many aspects of life, shapes world events, and prompts political debates. But one element of migration that is less often discussed is that of health. Migration and health encompass a variety of topics from non-communicable diseases to
mental and psychological health. It can have effects on the host population, the population of origin, and future generations.

Four leading experts from distinctly different disciplines will present the latest research
findings over the course of one afternoon. Following these talks there will be a panel
discussion, providing our speakers a platform to discuss the symposium topic in an
interdisciplinary environment. Our speakers are Prof. Dr. Melissa Siegel, Prof. Tamar de
Waal, Dr. Peter Ventevogel, and Prof. Ibrahim Abubakar. Moderating the panel
discussion will be Dr. Roel Coutinho.

Dates & Location

The Symposium will take place both in person and virtually on 3 November 2022 from
13:00-16:00, followed by an hour of drinks and networking for those attending in person. To register click here.