01/12/2021 – Better data, better decisions? Will improved data sharing lead to better decisions?

Data is commonly considered a driver for more informed and timely decision-making in humanitarian response. At the same time, there is still often a disconnect between data and decisions, with cognitive and motivational biases likely affecting decision-making.

In turn, researchers and practitioners have made efforts to understand and address challenges in the professionalisation of the use of data in humanitarian decision-making. Key challenges identified in literature include data availability, format consistency, quality, timeliness, reliability and relevance.

In this panel session, we invite two speakers to reflect on the ways in which these challenges have occurred in their experience in humanitarian practice. Together with participants, we will then explore how these challenges could be addressed and whether addressing them is expected to lead to improved decision making.

Participants will be asked to share their own experiences in the use of data in decision-making through short digital surveys. This session will serve to further inform exploration by the organisers into the impact of data in decision-making in humanitarian response.

Panel speakers:
Jean-Martin Bauer (Senior Advisor, Digital, United Nations World Food Programme), Prof. Dr. Bartel Van de Walle, Prof. Dr. Tina Comes (TBC)

For more information click here, to register please email baar@merit.unu.edu.